What Do I Bring on Private Yacht Charters?

motor yacht charter vacationsThe following is a list to check off in preparation for your Caribbean motor yacht rental. This same list also pertains to your Mediterranean, Greek or Bahamas luxury private yacht charter.

Passport. Today it is necessary to bring your passport no matter where you go, but check with Andrew for passport and visa details. Birth certificates, voter’s registration and picture identification are no longer an option.

Credit Cards. Although generally accepted you may want to consider bring $1,000 or $2,000 in cash would be a good idea to bring as spending money, depending on the size of your party.

Tipping. If you wish to reward your captain and crew team on the last day of the charter, a 10-15% tip is normal when you feel they have done a marvelous job for you.

Cash is the only way to do this payment. Some tips may require large amounts of money to carry with you so you may choose to prepay their gratuity to Barrington-Hall, who holds these funds in an escrow account.  Once back at home, you simply call us and instruct us to release the funds to your crew team.

Attire. Bring whatever you wish to bring, but different locations worldwide can have different attire to consider. Let us take your typical Bahamas yacht charter as an example of tropical attire. Men: two sets of long trousers, 3 casual shirts, a sports jacket, a few T-shirts and, say, 2 pairs of short pants, 1 pullover or windbreaker just in case, 2 swimsuits, one set of brand new rubber soled shoes to be worn on board the yacht only, one set of good shoes and flip-flops.

This is casual clothing and the ladies the same: say, three formal dresses, three casual dresses, one pair of soft rubber soled shoes, 1 pair of flip-flops, some casual shoes, one pullover, 2 sarongs, 3 swimsuits, adequate sunglasses for the bright sunshine, and cameras for those everlasting pictures which the crew can transfer to your browser each day. Pack hats for everyone in your group, as well as sun protection. An extra pair of regular glasses as well as sunglasses is a wise thing to do. Your private luxury power boat cruise is one that will remain etched in your mind forever.

Medications. Regular medication, Dramamine (just in case)  and antihistamines. Remember, you are cruising down into the islands and do not want to go back to civilization.

Service to our guests does not subject our guests to open ocean crossings; this is where guests could possibly have motion sickness.

It's rare that you will experience any large waves in the Caribbean as the open ocean has swells, so our guest’s vacation is planned within protected locations where there are no swells. In two decades, all of our guests have been very happy indeed.

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