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Motor Yacht Charters

All-inclusive, fully crewed motor yacht charters 

Super yacht Starfire for chartersLook to Barrington Hall luxury yacht charters to find you the best yacht, crew and destinations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas and Greece.

The world's best private motor yacht charter brokers.

We are dedicated to your happiness and satisfaction by providing you with superior service and our commitment to excellence. We have in-depth knowledge of the worlds' best motor yachts and crews so we only select the finest private motor yachts ensuring that your yacht charter experience is nothing less than perfect.

Our luxurious yachts range from 100' to over 400' feet and include amenities ranging from a Jacuzzi on deck to a helicopter on board. Charter a motor yacht with us where destinations are available from the French Riviera in the Mediterranean to St. Barts in the Caribbean while being provided the premier motor yacht charter services in the world.

Bahamas Yacht Charters

Bahamas Motor Yacht Charters

What is a private Bahamas yacht charter like?

A private Bahamas luxury yacht charter is the perfect solution for exploring the many islands of the beautiful Bahamian Islands. Just imagine yourself cruising the Islands of the Bahamas aboard a luxuriously appointed and beautiful private luxury yacht.

Your power yacht charter in the Bahamas includes cruising endless miles of white sandy beaches and clear turquoise blue waters. The Bahamas is an outstanding power yacht dream vacation destination with over 5,380 square miles of fun and sailing just waiting to be discovered by you. On your power yacht charter you set your own itinerary and can visit the islands of your choice.

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As an aside - we were doing a tandem charter in two 110 foot Bahamas motor yachts in 2012 when I saw a flock of Flamingos fly overhead. This means that lower down the Bahamas guests can find real wild Pink Flamingos in ponds on various islands. Having two Bahamas motor yachts at our beck and call was magnificent.

Caribbean motor yacht charters
Motor Yacht Charters in the Caribbean are often centered around the extraordinarily beautiful Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands are an enchanted Caribbean archipelago of more than forty islands and cays and they seem to have been created expressly for the pleasures of private yacht charter vacations.
The British Virgin Islands feature rugged mountain peaks rising from the blue Caribbean Sea. Many of these islands are uninhabited and attainable only by your private motor providing many undisturbed pleasures and comfort.  

greece motor yacht chartersGreece Luxury Boats and SuperYacht Charters. We offer fully crewed chartered yachts in Greece for your ultimate pleasure. Greece mega yacht charters are among the finest motor yacht available in the world. We are here to assist you to know what options are available and assisting you in choosing the most luxurious yachts available in Greece.

These fabulous Greek luxury yachts are some of the world’s highest quality vessels that have been carefully selected for our clients, charter brokers and agents worldwide.

The Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades are a group of islands of varying sizes scattered over the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Many of them are well-known both to the general public as well as the international 'jet-set', while others still remain little known and are rarely visited by the typical tourist. These little nuggets of paradise make ideal holiday destinations for visitors with discriminating tastes.

A fusion of stone, sunlight and sparkling sea, they lie to the east of the Peloponnese and south-east of the coast of Attica and stretch as far as Samos and Ikaria to the east, and are bounded to the south by the Sea of Crete. According to legend, they owe their name to the natural circle which they appear to form around the sacred isle of Delos.

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Today Greece have the best location in the world, the best yachts in the world and the best captains in chartering. The pretty Town of Poros 30 miles off the Athens coast line hosts the annual boat show for the Greece power yachts and it is always a wonderful charter boat show to visit.

Mediterranean motor yacht charters

Long ago the Mediterranean was the cultural center of the old world, the wellspring of civilization and the birthplace of the gods.  During the last century these alluring havens have been transformed into a modern mecca for luxury yachts and the playground of the elite along with their super mega yachts. Today the the French Riviera remains the destination of choice for vacationers of those that can afford the very best and choose to charter a luxurious motor yacht.

These legendary cruising grounds have few equals with fabulous destinations to explore while aboard your private yacht that include an unparalleled level of sophistication and a myriad of distractions that have a reputation for unbridled hedonism. In this region of captivating coastline paradises are the most extravagant 100 miles of waterfront in the world, there are 30 harbors with more than 3,000 restaurants. The Cote d'Azur is lipped with beaches that lie beneath hillsides decorated in yellow mimosa and climb inland to the snow-capped peaks of the Alpes Maritimes.

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The Cote D’Azur is luxury right at the entrance gate of the famous Mediterranean. The names of cities in the French Riviera drip with sophisticated grandeur, Nice, Beauleiu, Cannes, Portofino and Monte Carlo is exactly where film stars and royalty enjoy their carefree days in the sun. The Cote D’Azur is a yacht charter vacation destination for the sophisticated traveler.

The distance from Nice to Portofino is a mere 90 miles where guests private boats enters many marinas for dockage space because almost everything is in walking distance. Those special docks are always requested and we make sure that they are booked for our vacationing guests while on their Mediterranean power yachts.

Motor yacht charters are the most alluring method to enjoy the entire South of France and the Italian Riviera.

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