Top 10 Greece Power Yacht Charters

The irresistible private yacht charter season in Greece is similar to the rest of the Mediterranean; it is a very short one that spans from June to September. This shortened season is directed by the weather. We have done power yacht charters as late as late October.


The example to the right is an extremely fair way to price a private yacht charter.  You will notice a 30% for an 'APA' which stands for Advanced Provisioning Amount which is an estimate of the costs for food, wine, alcohol, fuel, taxes and docking fees.  If guests do not use these amounts then any unspent monies are returned to the guests at the end of the charter. 

Rates for yacht charters in Greece are similar to those used for French Riviera Power Yachts which start with the base rate, add the 30% APA, plus the country tax of 11.5%.

Here is an example:

40,000 + 12,000 + 4,600 = Euro/56,600


385 Ft. Guests: 70 Cabins: 43

When you have a party for 70 sheik guests, then this is the perfect, casual and elegant yacht which is based in Greece. A private cinema, a conference theater all for the professional business man and his team. I simply cannot imagine a resort, hotel which could even equal the quality on board this private yacht. The captain and his crew of 60 provides service in a friendly professional atmosphere. There is a helipad on deck so helicopters can land and take off from Turama. The pastel colors of the interior with touches of Black add to the charm of Turama. A magnificent Geece yacht charter


237 Ft. Guests: 30 Cabins: 15

What a leap of courage the owner had to instruct the manufacturer of this "into the future, space-like" luxury power yacht.  Impeccable service by the crew, the chef is brilliant with his world-class cuisine and presentation. Satellite TV reception, home theater, four plasma TVs, X-Box games consoles, Jacuzzi on sun deck, fully equipped gymnasium, beauty saloon, massage room, sauna, aft swimming platform, an elevator to the different floors are a few of the many amenities you may expect on board this gorgeous yacht. RM Elegance is perfect for 30 guests, a Greek goddess for passionate motor yacht charter travelers.


165 Ft. Guests: 14 Cabins: 7

Here is an exciting luxury power yacht, her interior is exciting with the use of different colors in cabins dining and salon areas, well put together. The captain and crew team work well together, all speak English and are well versed in service. Expect world-class cuisine as well as tasty Greek dishes. perfect for 14 guests in 7 cabins. Alexandra displays all the water toys needed for your yacht charter.Three tenders, three x 2-man waverunners, waterskis, banana, tubes, snorkelling gear, kayaks as well as kneeboard. Luxury motor yacht charters on board Alexandra take you to islands fisherman use the same methods to catch fish 300 years ago.


152 Ft. Guests: 18 Cabins: 8

White Knight is designed for 16 guests in 8 cabins and 9 crew to service the guests.. Designed for an Arab sheikh White Knight has been enjoying great Greek motor yacht charters over the past few years. She can sleep 18 guests but they do need to be children as there are 2 extra bunk beds above 2 cabins. The captain and crew team on board are very charming and are keen to impress. The chef on board is world-class in presenting award winning cuisine for guests, White Knight has everything. Motor yacht charters in Greece on White Knight.


140 Ft. Guests: 12 Cabins: 6

Here is one of the most exciting luxury power yachts in Greece, when I first board Trinity I was under the impression she was brand new, she smalls new, looks new, but it shows you the character of the captain and crew team when their yacht looks so good, it reflexts back to them . plus they just had a major face lift . The use of different colors has made this motor yacht look and feel new. Boredom is out of the question on board Trinity 2. The crew all speak English, but her overall appeal earns her a top spot here. A Greece motor yacht charter on board Trinity is difficult to beat.


138 Ft. Guests: 12 Cabins: 6

This yacht has enjoyed many years as the top Greek charter yacht. Only the new modern luxury power yachts larger than her wear that crown and I mean RM Elegant and a few others. Today O'Pari remains one of the top 5 power yachts in Greece, her captain and crew team have remained with O'Pari for a good few years now. The interior is a rich Tony red button tufted leather which is complimented by white and cream colors. The chef is a trained professional so expect world-class cuisine with Greek dishes. Typical Greek presense is a resort destination, which visits all those white and blue Greek architectural buildings which shout Greece. A greek luxury yacht vacation like this is a must in your lifetime.


133 Ft. Guests: 10 Cabins: 5

Designed to impress she is sleek and makes a bold statement when entering harbors anchorages and docking areas, this just from the exterior. Now the interior makes an equal statement, becoming Royalty and Presidents to come on board. The Captain and crew team I have not met personally yet but their importance has already filled my ears from good deeds with past guests, world-class cuisine, service to match by fun and friendly crew. I rate Blue Belle as one of the top Greek charter yacht selections, she deserves to be here. Blue Belle links the 21st century to all past centuries whit class and great style.


131 Ft. Guests: 14 Cabins: 7

Some vessels simply have that extra classy touch and Sirius is such a fine private motor yacht. The captain and crew team are brilliant at their profession most charming, friendly and fun people all speak English. The chef is world-class so expect mouth watering meals custom prepared and served for you. Her warm interior in pastel tones, designed by Fletcher Design Ltd, accommodates 14 guests in seven comfortable air conditioned cabins. Sirius is so special, great attention to detail also providing that romantic setting for guests. Motor yacht Sirius is a private Greece power yacht charter perfection.


108 Ft. Guests: 10 Cabins: 4

Pollux has just been purchased by a Greek friend and entered into our industry. Pollux has the pedigree to do well with this new owner, he is well versed in marketing and has a passion for his new toy, only the very best captain and chef team can be found on board so expect world-class cuisine with many a top Greek dish. The interior is unforgettable and new, magnificent, with soft clean lines, no clutter, exactly like a passionate traveler would expect the top vessel in the industry to look like and she does fit into this top echelon. Greece motor yacht charter.


88 Ft. Guests: 12 Cabins: 5

Possibly one of my most booked private power yachts in Greece. Angel has captured the hearts of many, she is breath taking and seductive. The owner owns 4 different vessels and has always kept Angel as his favorite charter yacht. The captain and chef team are way above excellent All crew speak English, but are well schooled in Top service, world-class cuisine they have a talent to know when to enter guests conversation and when to let guests enjoy themselves. I have enjoyed many meals on board Angel. The interior of Angel is excellent, a plush high-gloss cherry red timber is complimented by the warm soft ivory upholstery. A top Greek power yacht charter.

What can a guests expect from a Greece boat rental?

WHY COME to Athens and visit the sister Greek islands where civilization was born? Only once you have experienced Greece will you know why. I prefer to enjoy Greece and her sister islands to a private yacht vacation in the French and Italian Riviera, this is a very different private yacht vacation to the playground of the rich and famous. I feel this is more sedate and captures the quality of good people, superb cuisine and many islands to see.

The major points I love about Greek private motor yacht charters are:

1). Meeting and interacting with the Greek people is an eye opener, I find them to be brutally honest, very charming where you get the feeling they are genuine, there is no clandecine reason for them smiling with you. Today there is no language barrier like in years gone bye, almost all of them speak English, now after 10 years of visiting Greece I can speak wise Greek words of wisdom. For those few Greeks who do not speak our language a great banter can be had with hands and a smile.

2). The Greek cuisine has always impressed me, they have so many ways to cook, prepare and serve fish of various sizes and they are all great. I never eat octopus her in America, it is like chewing Good Year rubber, but the first dish I order when I get to a greek Taverna is Octopus.

3). Fishermen mending nets in the late morning. Octupii hanging in the sun to soften for the afternoon meal. Great loads of fruit being taken to market on a donkey cart, no cars, no mopeds, just bicycles and donkey carts. Crystal clear waters and soft gentle winds.