Top 10 Bahamas Power Yachts

These super mega yachts are set in the order of size, this does not mean R.M Elegant is the worlds most gorgeous power yacht, it simply the largest in this list. Over the past 5 years we have noticed a drop in the yachts which carry scuba gear on board, most are turning to rendezvous scuba diving. The other aspect which is being phased out is helicopters on deck. Many high-end luxury power yachts have a landing pad to keep a helicopter on board, but since 9/11 helicopters are not allowed to be carried on board.

The mega yachts below are vessels with captains and crew teams who have impressed Andrew the most over the past 20 years. All these yachts are privately owned and are available for private charter vacations.

RM Elegant

237 Ft. Guests: 30 Cabins: 15

Wow!  RM Elegant is certainly a statement, the owner wanted sleek lines which he got and he also asked to walk into the future, which the designer did. The outside lines of RM Elegant are extremely attractive and capture your imagination immediately. The crew are all Greek wonderful people who all speak fluent English, their service is magnificent and your cuisine again is world-class. I can see a warm touch of Greek cuisine creeping into this as well. The cabins were designed to impress and each one does just that. Here is a very special luxury yacht which won my soul the first time I saw her in real life. Possibly enjoying dinner and drinks on board also swayed me to RM Elegant. Here is a world-class motor yacht with a difference.


180 Ft. Guests: 10 Cabins: 5

The Huntress 180' is named after the beauty Diana, Greek goddess of the Hunt. She beckons the fortunate few for an unforgettable oceanic odyssey. With four guest suites and the owner's suite, this exquisite 180' Feadship accommodates up to ten guests. Each luxurious stateroom features an en-suite bath finished in different exotic marbles. Beauty, utility and convenience are at every turn. A voyage aboard Huntress is the very definition of the good life and her crew of 14 will cater to your every need and desire. The captain and chef team assure world-class cuisine, integrity, commitment and service to each of our guests. This power boat rental is long remembered by everyone.


157 Ft. Guests: 12 Cabins: 7

Lady Joy has possibly one of the top 5 captain and crew teams in our industry. The captain is a very charming gentleman, he is fun and friendly with his added professionalism. His crew are also a direct clone of himself, so he has selected his crew very well. The chef, Nicolas Richert, is a renowned world-class cuisine king who has worked in a top restaurant in St Tropez. The interior of Lady joy is designed for 12 guests in 6 cabins. Guest cabins are magnificent, every amenity imagined has been provided plus internal (Formal) and external dining for guests. It is almost impossible to beat Lady Joy and her team. Power yacht charters by Lady Joy are just that, a life altering Joy.


143 Ft. Guests: 10 Cabins: 5

Starship is a very different private yacht, she remains as the only luxury power yacht which still retains her helicopter on board at all times. This is exceptionally unusual, because since 911 International and American law have stopped the use of helicopters on private yachts, but vessels can enjoy a heli-pad on deck, this means helicopters can land on deck on vessels with helipads a big difference from carrying one on board at all times. The captain and crew on Starship are very professional, the chef is a trained professional. Starship has always been that cozy welcoming interior, I have always been impressed with the Starship finished product, just perfect for 10 guests in 5 cabins.


132 Ft. Guests: 8 Cabins: 5

Here is a dazzler, interior color and design is in the eye of the beholder and this color used by the designer absolutely dazzled me from the time I walked on board to the time I left. To me there is no other interior of any yacht worldwide to compare with this interior, soft creams a touch of gold and the color purple are used in pictures or ornaments to make Northern Lights my ultimate interior to a private charter yacht. Carefully look at the master stateroom it is so very impressive. A fantastic captain and crew team all perform at the highest level, providing the best world-class cuisine with service to match. A power yacht charter on board Northern Lights indeed provides an experience which sows a greater seed. I can safely say that it is impossible not to enjoy every moment on board this charter yacht.


130 Ft. Guests: 10 Cabins: 5

The Westport 130 is a tri-deck motor yacht offering exceptional luxury, convenience and privacy with elegant lines and a spirited performance. High quality materials, components and technology ensure exceptional reliability and uninterrupted enjoyment. Its stabilized hull delivers low- to mid- 20 knot cruise speeds and a 3,450 nm range at 12 knots for unparalleled versatility. Designed for 10 guests in 5 staterooms My Colors is an impressive luxury power boat charter experience.

Captain Alex Greenson - active friendly fun captain of 50 years old. Alex has been in the yachting industry for 19 years, 16 as captain. His crew are fun friendly, professionally trained to attend to your every need while on your luxury yacht charter.


121 Ft. Guests: 8 Cabins: 5

Your captain Bernard Calot is a charming friendly gentleman who also speaks English, Italian, French and Spanish. Your chef on board is Claire Villemuer a most talented professional chef, her grandfather is a Parisian chef and teaches in a culinary school. Claire's Cuisine francaise classique level is naturally #1 at Le Cordon Bleu de Paris. So expect world-class international cuisine on board. Claire speaks English, Spanish and French. The rest of the crew are just as charming. The motor yacht Olga features a beautiful hard wood interior of Sapele and Pomele Mahogany, orchestrated by Robin Rose, complimented by tasteful, upscale furnishings and a spacious country kitchen with granite counter tops. Here is a gorgeous luxury motor yacht just waiting to be chartered, by a great group of 8 guests.


115 Ft. Guests: 8 Cabins: 4

Here is a wonderful luxury power yacht on which I spent a full week with my guests. Tony and Stephanie Goodwin are in charge of Miracle. Tony started cleaning the floors of yachts as (deckhand) then to first mate and finally as a Captain. This growth is what makes Tony such a well-rounded captain. In Tony's spare time he enjoys surfing, playing a round of golf and traveling to Nicaragua where he is making progress on his second home. Stephanie is at his side 24/7, she is a wiz-kid from the hospitality industry, so her position as top stewardess is perfect. The chef on board, Jim Bumgarner, has a degree from the Culinary Institute of America and has been working on yachts for the past 6 years. The interior of Miracle boasts high gloss timber finish with soft creams and tan leather furniture. Miracle is extremely sleek when viewing her moving from outside. An extremely impressive motor yacht and crew to enjoy.


105 Ft. Guests: 8 Cabins: 4

Independence II ft Captain Matt Braisted is one of those fun friendly captains who seems to have been around for a good number of years and never looks older than 18 years, but he is a mans man who has selected the perfect crew to support his charter career. Independence is an impressive luxurious power yacht. Life on board flows from casual to elegant while walking into the formal dining room then to the outdoor area, you can feel the change which is great. Expect world class cuisine from a chef who is well versed in providing the very best for guests. A perfect power charter yacht for the wise family man and his family.


100 Ft. Guests: 8 Cabins: 4

Welcome aboard the luxury yacht Insatiable. The captain and chef team on board are charming fun friendly and provide the service needed to earn the last top ten spot here. The chef on board is a trained professional so expect world-class cuisine. High energy fun and serious relaxation complemented with impeccable service and first class dining, aboard a magnificent yacht, cruising the world's most beautiful waters. The yacht offers luxurious interior lounging and dining in its over sized salon and dining table for ten. Allow our professional chef to prepare elegant dinner parties or Al-fresco dining on the aft deck. Attention has been given to every detail for comfort and convenience including an elaborate entertainment center and full wet bar.